Organic pest control in Dallas TX

There are dozens of pest control companies who use safe and non-toxic compounds and sprays to get rid of pests. But you can also make your own simple, organic pest control in Dallas TX to help you keep the bugs away from your home.

Keep your home free from dust mites  in Dallas TX by making sure each room is always clean. Vacuum beds, pillows and sofas regularly to get rid of dust mites and their eggs. You can also wash bed sheets, pillowcases and beddings in very hot water. This can kill dust mites and their eggs.
Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean to avoid cockroach infestations. Cockroaches thrive in humid, dark and dirty environments. Bathrooms and the space underneath your kitchen sink are places where roaches like to hide. Make sure you keep these areas clean by washing them regularly with strong soap.

Say goodbye to Dallas fleas by using cedar oil and citrus fruits. Make sure that you give your pet a bath regularly to minimize flea infestations. You can also make a simple anti-flea rinse by boiling a slice of lemon in water and letting the lemon soak in it overnight. You can then use this mixture on your dog to kill fleas. You can also use cedar shampoo and cedar oil to get rid of fleas in your pet’s house or on its bed.

The last solution you want to go for is to actually call a pest control Dallas service company to handle those issues for you , there are many ways a pro pest control company can treat the pest quickly and efficiently. yes it can be costly but you can be sure the problem will be gone from your house or garden.

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