Scout, Venturer Weekend Programme

The Scout Brigade of Fort George (sponsored by the Greater Toronto Council of Scouts Canada) operates an annual weekend Scout Camp on the grounds of historic Fort George in the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada.

Always held on the third full weekend of September, it is an historically themed Scout camporee which sees scouts from the Province of Ontario join together with their brother scouts from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York States to learn about the life of a soldier of the British or US Army in 1812-1814.

Participants at the camp don mock uniforms and make other equipment of the period and engage in drills, parades and manoeuvres. The opportunity to learn about this period of history is unsurpassed.

Experience what life was like on the Niagara Frontier during the time when the border was being shaped. Step back in history and join the Scout Brigade as troops from Canada and the United States gather to learn about the past and celebrate 190 years of peace and all within a Scouting environment of brotherhood.

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Typical Program

The following is only a brief outline of the programme for the weekend, a much more detailed outline will be available to you following registration.

Camp opens at 5pm Friday evening and the evening is devoted to setting up your campsite and generally getting settled in. If you wish to get into the camping area before 5pm on Friday, please advise at the time of registration.

Your troop Scouter/Scoutmaster reports your arrival to your Sub Camp Headquarters and picks up your registration package.

Saturday morning after breakfast, the Opening Ceremonies will take place inside the Fort, followed by a morning programme and the opportunity to tour the buildings.

After lunch, the Brigade parades into the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and after a short stay in town, returns to the encampment for the afternoon "capture the flag" game using military style manoeuvres.

Saturday evening has a full line up this year, with our annual Fudge/Chocolate parade, RC Church Service, Ghost Tours (optional extra cost programme) Badge/Patch trading and a Movie and for the adults - an Officers Social Gathering. A Scout Shop is also set up on site all day Saturday. The on-site Lincoln & Welland Regimental Museum is also open during the weekend.

Sunday morning sees more "capture the flag" games at Fort George, followed by the Closing Ceremony and presentations of Awards and Scouts Own, then return to camp for lunch and departure for home.

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Typical Menu

Important Changes for 2010 Campaign - Commissary System

In the 27 year history of the Brigade, ensuring that all participants are fed in an efficient, healthy, and cost effective manner, that protects the historically sensitive environment on which we make our camp, has required major changes to our approach on at least three occasions as we have grown. For 2010, it is again necessary to make a change in the way that commissary is done. Our priority is to ensure that we maintain the highest possible level of food safety while providing food to all participants quickly and efficiently and to reduce the complexity involved in planning, ordering, distributing, and preparing meals.

To that end, the Brigade has partnered with a major catering company that has the skills and experience necessary to provide food services to large scale outdoor events. As a result, individual companies will no longer be required to prepare and serve meals to their members on their own sites. Food will be provided by the caterer from a series of central serving stations around the field.

It is our expectation that the entire Brigade will be fed within approximately 30 minutes and that members will take their meals back to their own sites to consume them.

Final details are still being worked out, but we wanted to give as much advanced notice as possible so that individual sections can plan accordingly. As with any major change, it is possible that we could hit some bumps along the way, but we are confident that we will work through them and that, with your support, in the long run, this change will improve the quality of the event for all involved.

Andrew Obee
Camp Chief, Scout Brigade of Fort George

Details of the Menu:

The menu is designed with simplicity in mind.

Both Saturday and Sunday breakfasts include; juice, hot cereal, milk, and muffins.

Saturday lunch will be soup and hot dogs. while

Saturday supper is a roast beef dinner, with the roast beef supplied, cooked, and sliced and with gravy,.

Sunday's lunch will be deli sandwiches with black forest ham and bologna.

Fruit is also available throughout. Both mug ups on Friday and Saturday evening will have hot chocolate, and a snack.
Tea and Coffee and other staples are also provided.

Your former cooks will be repurposed as serving station marshalls. We still do recommend bringing "cooks" assist at meal times with marshalling and logistics associated with the new system of food delivery.


For further information contact the Webmaster.


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